Status Quo
In spite of the fact that video game cheats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and frequent, crippling a myriad of games and fair gamers around the globe, there were no significant efforts in the field prior to ByteHeed to proactively respond to evolving cheats.
The Challenge
In a broad sense the root of cyber security problems is similar to those tackled by the gaming organizations, the existence of well-funded skilled adversaries and cheaters, where the problem is about building innovative security technology capable of countering them.
That is the challenge that excited the most to us to solve. Being a cyber security company we are firmly convinced that soon our technologies will change the competitive gaming arena forever.
Our Solution
Unmatched protection for online video games

Detect all kind of known and unknown cheats with a brand new approach leveraged by deep learning technologies. Tracks and identify players’ operational strengths and weaknesses to spot anomalies.

Unprecedented level of accuracy

Proprietary deep learning algorithms create a stunning behavioral model that learns from millions of individual events to pinpoint and prevent cheats in real time.

Unrivaled memory forensics and authoritative visibility capabilities 

The lightweight FairVisor delivers instant protection with zero impact on the gamer experience and game disruption. Our Hypervisor analyzes intelligence left behind by cheaters to identify and anticipate future cheats.